Sublimator Controller

The overarching goal of this project was the development of a new machine used in biological experiments. Biologists often utilize mass spectrometry to analyse samples. To improve the analysis, it is necessary to use a homogeneous sample. One can use the process of sublimation to turn solid substances into gas. This gas then finally turns into a perfectly homogeneous solid again, when cooled down. To automate this process one can built a sublimaton machine.

Control Interface

In this project we used a Raspberry Pi microcomputer to control a heating element as well as vacuum pump to create a Sublimator. Our contribution specifically was the implementation of the control software which enabled preprogrammed heating schedules as well as logging features. The interface can be seen in Figure 1.

This project was a group effort. Also involved in the project were Jens Schulz and Dominik Gr√ľnding.

Example heating sequences

Lukas Pfannschmidt
PhD candidate

My research interests include feature selection, relevance determination and high performance computing.