Adverse Drug Effect Checker

One important task of medical practitioners is the prescription of drugs. Because drugs can act similarly in the human body they could exhibit harmful effects when used together. Its crucial for doctors to keep these adverse interactions in mind when writing prescriptions. Given the ever growing amount of data and more knowledge about these interactions this task is getting harder.

The goal of this project was a user oriented Android app to help doctors in their decision making. It allows the input of medication and patients gene defects to check in an integrated database for critical combinations. This project began as part of an undergrad course and is limited in scope and should be regarded as a prototype!


Lukas Pfannschmidt
Lukas Pfannschmidt
Sr. Machine Learning Engineer

My expertise now encompasses advanced areas in machine learning and backend system optimization. My work in backend optimization, particularly in managing large-scale data efficiently, aligns with key optimization metrics like cost, quality, and speed. I also contribute to improving overall system reliability and observability, significantly reducing error rates and establishing critical technical metrics. These endeavors complement my previous research interests in high-performance computing.